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The easiest way to growth your customer's loyalty.

Connect and keep more customers with an all-in-one business solution.

You are three steps away to get connected with your customers.

Get to know how WiPass works.

1. Connect your wipass

Connect your WiPass devices with your existing router. No cables, no bateries or plugs are needed.


Provide your customers with a simple tap the access to the menu, a newsletter subscription, a specific website or a mobile.

3. start your free trial

Connect your WiPass to a Business account and test out your new experience the next 30 days for free.

Connect all your platforms in once.

Simple and easy design tool.

Edit and update as often as you like your welcome page. Make your customer’s life easier by letting them connect with just a tap of the phone.

Improve the visibility of your digital image.

Drop your guests to your website and inform them about your products and services and add your social media accounts so your guests can follow your pages.

Whenever and wherever you want.

Manage your WiPass from anywhere in the world and for free! You can edit your pages from your smartphone when you bring it closer to WiPass or from your computer wherever you are.

Never stop having customers with WiPass Ads

Launch promotions and offers in real time to real customers who are close to your location. You can launch instantly or schedule anytime.

Understand the people who love your business with WiPass Reports.

Data analysis

Find out what happens in your venue in real time and get to know get to know who your customers are, how they feel and think, and how to best approach them.

User Data Export

with a single click you can customize the segments, tags and periods you want to analyze, getting weekly, monthly, and annual reports. You can then use the data for any third-party software.

Wipass tools marketplace

Integrate other marketing, sales or cybersecurity tools, that empower your business. A Free version is guaranteed. All the tools offered on WiPass Marketplace have a free version or a trial period.

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